Nicely done, gentlemen! A couple of weeks ago, deputies responded to a domesti…

Nicely done, gentlemen!

A couple of weeks ago, deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call in District 1. Through the investigation, Deputy Endres recognized that there was probable cause for the arrest of the suspect. Attempts to locate the suspect at the time were not successful due to him leaving the area.

Later that day, Deputy Graham and Deputy Bryant were called back to the location. They were given information that the suspect was back at the residence and was creating a problem. They were also told the suspect may have a weapon and would possibly try “suicide by cop.”

Deputy Graham and Deputy Bryant approached the residence and found the suspect on the front porch of the residence, attempting to force his way inside. The suspect was given orders but did not comply. Instead, he took a step back and made a move with his hand to his back-waistband area. Once the suspect made the quick move to his waistband, Deputy Graham deployed his TASER. The suspect was struck and went to the ground. As he was going to the ground Deputy Graham and Deputy Bryant saw what appeared to be a handgun in the suspect’s hand. Deputy Graham maintained control of the suspect with the TASER while Deputy Bryant was able to secure the weapon and place the suspect in handcuffs. The suspect sustained no injury. He was arrested for Assault, Domestic Violence and Resisting Arrest.

We applaud Deputy Graham for his quick action and use of minimum force to subdue the suspect. We also commend Deputy Bryant for his show of extreme restraint and immediate control of the suspect!