Today Jonathan Palmer, a citizen, received a Sheriff’s Commendation for the assi…

Today Jonathan Palmer, a citizen, received a Sheriff’s Commendation for the assistance rendered to a suicidal party. The man’s unoccupied car was found at a trailhead on the outskirts of Boulder after he had texted a suicide note. An organized search was beginning when Jonathan called 911 to report he was with a man on the summit of Bear Peak that needed help.

When Jonathan came across the man it was getting dark, and Jonathan could have easily continued down the mountain. Instead he stopped to check the welfare of the man, learned he had ingested medication, and stayed to help until rescuers could arrive. The temperature dropped to freezing quickly after the sun went down. Jonathan gave his warm gear and water to the young man because he had been out in the elements for several hours without the proper gear, and as a result was suffering from exposure.

Due to the secluded area, it took about three hours for rescuers to reach the pair. Over the three hours, Jonathan built a rapport with the suicidal man while helping him walk down the trail toward rescue. When rangers contacted the two men the bond between them was noticeable. Before separating, Jonathan and the man exchanged hugs while Jonathan continued to offer words of encouragement and support.

It is very likely the man would have succeeded in his attempt to end his life had Jonathan not intervened. Jonathan placed the needs of another person before his own comfort and safety, and as a result saved a life making him a deserving recipient of a Sheriff’s Commendation.